Horse Scarf Wraps For Year Of The Horse

Year of the Horse Scarf from IconDot

Auntie Shoe did something today she doesn’t do very often. She went into a forum at Once there, she noticed that there was a thread hanging about. (Actually, there was more than one thread hanging about, but there is only one in particular that is the subject of this post). The thread was about promoting each other’s designs on products. The idea was to post one of your designs on a product, then pick at least one of the others to promote. Auntie thought to herself, “What the heck” and here she is writing about her experience.

Why this horse on a scarf? Because Auntie liked it right off. Auntie likes horses. Never ridden, never been around horses, but likes them just the same. And this one seems especially lovely.

BTW, Zazzle has this affiliate code thing. It automatically adds itself to code Auntie copies from the site, if she is logged into her account at the time. She was, so there is code. All it means is, that if you just LOOOOOOOOOVE, as in GOOOOOOOOTTTTTTAAAAAA have right this second, this scarf, and you click on the links to buy it, Auntie Shoe gets some money. Doesn’t cost you a thing. No worries. But Auntie gets a little money so she can buy her own stuff once in a while.

IconDoIt wrote this about the scarf above, “Good Luck For Year Of The Horse — Chinese New Year for 2014 begins Feb. 4! Hot new extra long cotton jersey scarf featuring IconDoIt’s original digital painting of a golden horse, Chinese characters for “Good Luck” (top left) + “horse” + top & bottom borders of a firey red pattern. Unisex. Choice of scarf color.”

If you are looking for a scarf with a particular flag on it, try my shop, Flagnation or Flags-of-Nations at Zazzle.

Glee’s Lea Michele Sings for Finn Hudson

Rachel Berry Mourns for Finn Hudson on Glee

Last night, I watched Glee’s Lea Michele’s performance of a grieving Rachel Berry on FOX’s Glee. While Ms. Michele’s work is always excellent, I was particularly moved by this one.

Until Cory Monteith’s (the actor who played Finn Hudson) death, I did not know that the on-screen romance between the characters carried over into a real life romance of the actors.

Over two decades ago, I lost a boyfriend to drugs. The devastation that one feels is beyond description.

Yet, Ms. Michele was able to perform with beauty and grace. That, in itself is a victory. Her work, last night, was the most courageous thing I have ever seen by a performer.

I salute your courage, Ms. Michele. And, if I could, I would hug you because I know how great your loss is.

If You Want Me, Earn Me Test

This is a test of new thingy from CafePress. I can’t see what this looks like unless I publish somewhere. It’s MY BLOG, I can test here if I want. 🙂

Auntie Shoe and the Voice Machine

Today, Auntie Shoe, (that would be me) installed Dragon voice thingy on this here old computer. Now, I am writing my very first blog post using said program. It is supposed to help me with my repetitive stress syndrome problems. Hopefully, it will allow me to work more and I will be able to annoy you more often with blog posts about my life in general and things you may or may not care about, but which I enjoy writing about.

Is it really writing if you’re if you’re talking? Of this, I am not yet sure. In the olden days when I was growing up before VCRs, oops, DVR recorders and even computers in general, writing consisted of taking pen or pencil in hand and putting some marks on actual real paper. But now that we are more environmentally conscious, and we wish to save the trees, we find that dictation into a machine which prints on imaginary paper, sometimes called virtual, may be an improvement over the old style. However, the increased use of electricity may make it all a wash.

I don’t really have a lot to say today, the last week or so I’ve been very busy because the computer machine had to go to the doctor. Now, I have to re-add all the programs and all the stuff and everything that one has to do when one has a complete computer reformat. The details of why this is happening, or rather has happened, may be a better choice for our next blog post. This one is now ended.

Auntie Shoe’s Accomplishments Today…

Well, the first thing I have to report is I just lost the blog post that this on is replacing. Not sure where it went. You puch one button on here and, ohhhhh sha-tko! (Watch “Defiance” in SyFy for that meaning).

So, where was I when I accidently interrupted myself…

Oh, yes, I was reporting on the progress of this blog. I added pages that list my shops at Zazzle and CafePress. They can be found under the menu heading “Auntie Shoe’s POD Shops”. More will be added later, as well as a description of the shops, but for now, I am just getting the feel for how this blog will look. And the post are mostly for fun and to see if anyone is actually listening out there in the blogosphere.

Yeah, I know, probably should have waited till everything was perfect. But I am just anal enough that it would never launch if I waited for perfection.

Also, my Repetitive Stress Syndrome stuff is acting up and I will have to be absent for a while. So, this blog will remain as it is for a few days (or more) until I am feeling better and not at risk for really damaging what is left of my health.

Blog Posting as Self-Discipline

My goal is to post Monday through Friday here. Short or long, whatever comes to mind. Sometimes about my shops. Sometimes about my life. Sometimes about whatever. I don’t have much to say today, but I thought for the sake of self-discipline, I’d write whatever comes to mind.

That said, I don’t have a lot to say today. I had to get some lab tests done and I already wrote about that on a group blog for dieters that also design for PODs. It is called (….drumroll……) I pretty much blew my big adventure of the day there.

OK, well, I did buy a new 500 gig external hard drive today. My designs have outgrown my 37 (?) gig old external thingy. So, there goes $80 I would have rather spent on something else.

And, last, I had to search one of the big box stores (did I mention I hate big box stores) for a new pancake turner. I melted the existing one yesterday. No, I do NOT know how that happened. But it IS melted and it won’t turn things so good in that condition, so I had to go buy another one.

Good day? Bad day? Well, I didn’t get to eat anything until 2PM or thereabouts because I had to fast for the lab tests. I had to get stuck with a needle (actually, two, but read my post at dietersbydesign. I don’t want to ruin anything for you.

I had to spend $80 I didn’t want to spend.

And, I had to go to the big box store to get one small thing.

So, you figure it out. Did I have a good day or not?

Oh, yeah, work, what did I get done there…see above about all the non-work stuff I had to get done and add the waiting in line and looking for the stuff I needed. But I will post one thing here now just to make me feel like I accomplished something.

White T-shirt with picture of the French and USA flags reading French by Birth American by Choice
You can buy this shirt by clicking here or on the picture above. Why this one? Just picked it at random.

Day 3

It is 7:17 AM my time and I haven’t yet been to bed. I’ve been working. Not a lot to report. But I did get this blog set up so that there is a link to the Twitter account and the Facebook page in the sidebar.

Oh, and I FOUND MY SHOP ON ZAZZLE. I don’t know where it disappeared to, but it wasn’t showing on any of my Zazzle shop lists. So, I just sort of hung in there till it decided it loved me and wanted to live.

My other blogs are all for the purpose of selling my designs on products. This blog will be about whatever I feel like writing about AND about my designs. So, I might as well share one with you.

This one is at I made it many years ago and it is in many of my “LaughStuff” shops. I just like this shop best today. 🙂

It has a picture of a pilgrim in the crow’s nest of the Mayflower, yelling, “HIAWATHA! I’M HOME!” You can buy this shirt for Mother’s Day or anytime by clicking here or on the image below.
Image of organic women's t-shirt with a picture of a pilgrim in the crow's nest of the Mayflower saying Hiawatha I'm home!

That’s all for now. I’m going to bed.

Getting Started

Whew! Was up till almost 6:00 AM this morning setting up all of Auntie Shoe’s accounts…

Facebook Page….check
Tumblr account…check
Twitter account…check
Polyvore account…check
CafePress Shop (just the shop, no products, yet)…check
Zazzle Shop (just shop, no products)…nope, isn’t there and doesn’t work. DRAT…

I managed to get the things I could in various shades of pink, because they have to match the shoe AND still be noticed. You know, that takes while because:

1) You NEVER get it correct the first time. NEVER! Trust me.
2) It is rarely correct the second time.
3) The third time is often the worst.
4) The fourth time things start to look better.
5) By the fifth try, it is usually OK.
6) The sixth try stays (unless of course it looks reeeeeeeallllly iiiiiiickieeeee).
7) If God rested at His 6th try, why can’t I?

All in all, I can proudly report that everything (except the Zazzle shop that seems to have disappeared from my account completely) works even if isn’t quite finished. Oh, and the best part is….I STILL HAVE HAIR! It didn’t all fall out in clumps as I pulled at it. YEAH!

Today, I have to work on other things, but so far so good with most things in regards to Auntie Shoe.

Hello, from Auntie Shoe!

This is my first post on my brand new blog! Just want to say “howdy” and let you all know that there will be much more soon about all my shops and other stuff.

Thanks to my cousins and “Shopaholicchick” for their advice on my new persona of “Auntie Shoe” as well as the logo.

So, HELLO, WORLD, and LOOK OUT, Auntie Shoe is here!