Getting Started

Whew! Was up till almost 6:00 AM this morning setting up all of Auntie Shoe’s accounts…

Facebook Page….check
Tumblr account…check
Twitter account…check
Polyvore account…check
CafePress Shop (just the shop, no products, yet)…check
Zazzle Shop (just shop, no products)…nope, isn’t there and doesn’t work. DRAT…

I managed to get the things I could in various shades of pink, because they have to match the shoe AND still be noticed. You know, that takes while because:

1) You NEVER get it correct the first time. NEVER! Trust me.
2) It is rarely correct the second time.
3) The third time is often the worst.
4) The fourth time things start to look better.
5) By the fifth try, it is usually OK.
6) The sixth try stays (unless of course it looks reeeeeeeallllly iiiiiiickieeeee).
7) If God rested at His 6th try, why can’t I?

All in all, I can proudly report that everything (except the Zazzle shop that seems to have disappeared from my account completely) works even if isn’t quite finished. Oh, and the best part is….I STILL HAVE HAIR! It didn’t all fall out in clumps as I pulled at it. YEAH!

Today, I have to work on other things, but so far so good with most things in regards to Auntie Shoe.

Author: Auntie Shoe

Not much to say. Auntie Shoe is the graphics designer formerly known as AmeriYank, who has shops at print on demand sites all over the Internet.

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