Horse Scarf Wraps For Year Of The Horse

Year of the Horse Scarf from IconDot

Auntie Shoe did something today she doesn’t do very often. She went into a forum at Once there, she noticed that there was a thread hanging about. (Actually, there was more than one thread hanging about, but there is only one in particular that is the subject of this post). The thread was about promoting each other’s designs on products. The idea was to post one of your designs on a product, then pick at least one of the others to promote. Auntie thought to herself, “What the heck” and here she is writing about her experience.

Why this horse on a scarf? Because Auntie liked it right off. Auntie likes horses. Never ridden, never been around horses, but likes them just the same. And this one seems especially lovely.

BTW, Zazzle has this affiliate code thing. It automatically adds itself to code Auntie copies from the site, if she is logged into her account at the time. She was, so there is code. All it means is, that if you just LOOOOOOOOOVE, as in GOOOOOOOOTTTTTTAAAAAA have right this second, this scarf, and you click on the links to buy it, Auntie Shoe gets some money. Doesn’t cost you a thing. No worries. But Auntie gets a little money so she can buy her own stuff once in a while.

IconDoIt wrote this about the scarf above, “Good Luck For Year Of The Horse — Chinese New Year for 2014 begins Feb. 4! Hot new extra long cotton jersey scarf featuring IconDoIt’s original digital painting of a golden horse, Chinese characters for “Good Luck” (top left) + “horse” + top & bottom borders of a firey red pattern. Unisex. Choice of scarf color.”

If you are looking for a scarf with a particular flag on it, try my shop, Flagnation or Flags-of-Nations at Zazzle.