Day 3

It is 7:17 AM my time and I haven’t yet been to bed. I’ve been working. Not a lot to report. But I did get this blog set up so that there is a link to the Twitter account and the Facebook page in the sidebar.

Oh, and I FOUND MY SHOP ON ZAZZLE. I don’t know where it disappeared to, but it wasn’t showing on any of my Zazzle shop lists. So, I just sort of hung in there till it decided it loved me and wanted to live.

My other blogs are all for the purpose of selling my designs on products. This blog will be about whatever I feel like writing about AND about my designs. So, I might as well share one with you.

This one is at I made it many years ago and it is in many of my “LaughStuff” shops. I just like this shop best today. 🙂

It has a picture of a pilgrim in the crow’s nest of the Mayflower, yelling, “HIAWATHA! I’M HOME!” You can buy this shirt for Mother’s Day or anytime by clicking here or on the image below.
Image of organic women's t-shirt with a picture of a pilgrim in the crow's nest of the Mayflower saying Hiawatha I'm home!

That’s all for now. I’m going to bed.