Glee’s Lea Michele Sings for Finn Hudson

Rachel Berry Mourns for Finn Hudson on Glee

Last night, I watched Glee’s Lea Michele’s performance of a grieving Rachel Berry on FOX’s Glee. While Ms. Michele’s work is always excellent, I was particularly moved by this one.

Until Cory Monteith’s (the actor who played Finn Hudson) death, I did not know that the on-screen romance between the characters carried over into a real life romance of the actors.

Over two decades ago, I lost a boyfriend to drugs. The devastation that one feels is beyond description.

Yet, Ms. Michele was able to perform with beauty and grace. That, in itself is a victory. Her work, last night, was the most courageous thing I have ever seen by a performer.

I salute your courage, Ms. Michele. And, if I could, I would hug you because I know how great your loss is.

Author: Auntie Shoe

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