Toksie Turbie Visits the North Pole

Toksie Turbie Joins the Circus and the Circus Entertains Elves

Morty was quick to find a place for Toksie to sleep in the circus. She had her own room in one of the trailers. It was not beige. It was pink, just for her. Well, when they painted it pink they didn’t know she was coming, but it fit her just the same.

Morty explained that her part in the circus would have to be worked out after Christmas. This was because every year this particular circus went to the North Pole Village and entertained the elves while Santa delivered presents to all the children in the world. It was already December 20th. The circus only had four days to get to the North Pole and get the show all set up.

OH, MY GOODNESS! You never in your life saw so many people move so fast to get somewhere. They left directly from Crudville. Packed all the trucks with costumes and scenery and tents and assorted circus stuff.

When they reached the farthest point in Alaska, there was a special train waiting. It was the train to the North Pole Village. They had to unload all the costumes and scenery and tents and assorted circus stuff. Then, they had to re-load it in the proper place on the train.

All the animals had to be moved from the trucks to the train, and placed in special cars. All the trainers had to be sure the animals had whatever they needed. Then, the train left the farthest point in Alaska for the North Pole Village.

When they arrived, all the elves and Santa took a break from making toys, wrapping them, and loading them into Santa’s sleigh and watched the parade.

Yes, every year, when the circus arrived at the North Pole Village there was a parade. A very short one, I might add, because elephants and camels and tigers and horses can get very cold, very fast at the North Pole. Not to mention people.

But, they still had a big parade. The elves, Santa, and Mrs. Claus lined the streets of the North Pole Village to watch.

The elephants came first, with the lovely ladies in blue tutus riding on the top. STANDING even. The lovely ladies in the blue tutus stood very tall atop their elephants. The ladies were very cold in their scant tutus, but since it was all for the entertainment of the elves, it was a short parade, and it was once a year only, so the ladies were happy to do it.

Next came the camels. They were not used to the cold weather. The camels walked with men riding them with great safari hats on. The men, not the camels. The elves liked the camels best. The camels knew it and they smiled as big as a camel can smile, even though they were FREEEEEEEEEEEEEZING. If the ladies in the blue tutus knew that the elves liked the camels best, you can bet your bottom dollar those ladies would have been wearing proper fake fur coats. Yes, indeed!

Why fake fur? Because it is very rude to wear a tiger skin coat in front of a tiger. You might accidently be wearing the tiger’s relative. And that simply will not do, now, will it!

After that, the tigers went past in their cages, with their trainers walking in the front and back of the cage. It just isn’t wise to let a tiger out of its cage in the North Pole Village with all the little elves about.

Then came the horses. the riders were wearing silks and satins and lots of cool hats with ribbons and all kinds of cool colors. Every color you like best, Mr. or Ms. Reader, was present and accounted for, honest. All your favorites. Every one.

Santa had a special building just for the circus. Special places for the animals to be safe and warm during their stay. Each member of the circus had their own room in the building. There was even a room for Toksie.

Toksie Turbie loved the room Mrs. Claus had made ready for her. Lots of color it had. Not one of them was beige. Not a speck of beige could be found in her room. The wallpaper was red and green striped, just for Christmas. It looked like this:

The red and green striped wallpaper in Toksie's room.

The sheets, pillow cases, and the warm comforter on the bed were gold with silver polka dots. T looked like this:

It was sooooo cool and Christmassy that Toksie Turbie almost cried.

You see, even though she didn’t know it, this was to be Toksie Turbie’s first Christmas. Can you imagine having your FIRST Christmas when you were eight-years-old? She was eight whole Christmases behind already!

Remember all the rules Crudville had against anything frivolous? Well, you got it right, Christmas was one of them. Birthdays, too, but that’s for another story. Anyway, Christmas was outlawed in Crudville. Toksie didn’t know anything about it.

She wondered what the big deal was about concerning the green man and woman in the red suits with all the white fake fur. She’d never seen anyone green before, other than herself. Everyone called them Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Sometimes, they called the man “Santa”. She wondered about all the elves and why they were working so hard building little things of all kinds that people were calling “toys”.

Yes, Toksie, There is a Santa Claus and He is Green

After she was all settled into her room, Toksie put on her new red pants, green sweater and beautiful pink parka (the circus helped her get some clothes that weren’t beige). Then, she went for a walk around the North Pole Village. She visited all the shops with all the candy. She visited all the elves making the toys Santa would deliver. And, after she was done walking all about she bumped right into Santa, himself.

“HO! HO! HO!” laughed Santa, while Toksie was apologizing for bumping into him. “Not to worry”, he said, “it was an accident and no big deal.”

Then he asked, “Why do you have such a puzzled look on your face?”

“Because”, said Toksie, “I’ve never seen anyone that was green before. Except for me, when I play with my colors.”

Santa was so surprised that Toksie could see his green self, he didn’t even notice what she said about playing with her colors.

“Toksie”, Santa said, “You are a very special person. Very few people can see Mrs. Claus and myself in our true color. They see what they want to see.”

“Huh?” mumbled a puzzled Toksie.

“Well”, Santa went on to explain, “I have to go all over the world into lots of different homes with lots of different expectations. And most people would freak if they saw someone in a color other than normal people colors.”

“Don’t I know that!” said Toksie, remembering all her troubles in Crudville.

Santa continued, “So, I use a continuous magic spray. It is sprayed all across the towns and cities and villages I visit on Christmas Eve. It is sprayed from the back of the sleigh. That way, people see me the way they want to see me. And, I don’t scare them. But some might see me as Caucasian. Others as an African. More still might like my Asian self. It all depends on what they wish me to be. Here, in North Pole Village, it is sprayed when the circus comes to town in the special building. It is harmless. But, you see me as I am in spite of the magic spray. That puzzles me.”

Santa thought for a minute and, then, he cried, “OH, you are TOksie Turbie from Crudville! THAT’S why you see me as I really am. I bet you’ve never even heard of Christmas and you are scared to ask what it is all about. Right?”

“Yes, to everything you just said”, exclaimed Toksie.

“The reason you see me as I really am is that you don’t know anything about Christmas and you have no expectations of what I should look like. So, no magic powder will work on you. And, we will talk about Christmas at the banquet day after tomorrow”, said Santa.

Watch this space for the continuing adventures of Toksie Turbie at the North Pole Village.

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The red and green striped wallpaper in Toksie's room.

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The red and green striped wallpaper in Toksie's room.

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