Toksie Turbie – an Introduction

Hello, World, Toksie Turbie is Almost Here

The world is about to be introduced to a new character. Her name is Toksie Turbie and she is eight-years-old.

Toksie Turbie is named for the actress with a cool name, Toks Olagundoye, who plays Jackie Joyner-Kersee on ABC TV’s THE NEIGHBORS (8:30 PM Fridays, but check your local listings). Ms. Olagundoye was kind enough to allow Auntie to use her name for the character. THANKS, TOKS! BTW, following Toks Olagundoye on Twitter is a terrific experience. She’s got a great sense of humor and it is lots of fun conversing with her. There is also her Facebook page and her website. You’ll have a blast!

OK, enough about Ms. Olagundoye with the cool name. You are here to find out about Toksie Turbie.

Decades ago, before Auntie Shoe was an auntie, she had some wee little cousins many years younger than herself. Her job, a pleasant one, often was to keep said wee ones quiet. This was not always easy. So, the future Auntie Shoe would gather aforementioned cousins around, sometimes under a great big tree in the front yard of a place called Willow Glen. If weather did not permit sitting under said tree, the secret room was, at times, employed. Or, adventures on the flying bed would occur.

Wee ones gathered, Shoe would make up stories about a young person called Mortimer Thaddeus Snodgrass III, Morty for short. Morty had a magical wishing ring and a magical wishing hat and he had magical stuff happen all the magical time. Only one or two of these stories have survived because no one wrote them down. This is unfortunate.

Several years ago, when Auntie Shoe had a different persona on a place called AOL, she wrote a newsletter for children for a very brief time. She took some of her stories, one or two about Morty, and placed them in serial form in the newsletter.

One day, Auntie (though she was not yet, Auntie) was contacted by the parent of a child who received the newsletter. The parent had a book series for children in the works and was very concerned that Auntie might think her work was being copied because the book series was about a boy with magical powers. Some kid named Harry, as Auntie recalls.

Auntie read, in an instant message, all the lovely things that the parent planned to write, the plans the writer was making and how the series of books was being plotted. Auntie assured the writer, “Honey, I just sit down and make stuff up, planning has nothing to do with it.” And, thus, Auntie’s opportunity to request the petty cash fund from what became a billion dollar enterprise was lost forever. Yeah, honesty pays off, right?

All this said, it occurred to Auntie that someone, somewhere might think that Morty’s character was stolen or borrowed. In the interest of avoiding unpleasantness, a strong, fun, female character named Toksie Turbie will soon be born on this blog.

Why? Because your Auntie Shoe needs something to write about on this blog. And making stuff up to entertain people is what she does best.

So, watch this space for the continuing adventures of Toksie Turbie.

Now, the SEO thingy Auntie set up has a nag feature. It will want a picture of something. NAG, NAG, NAG it does until it gets its way. Having no picture to provide you of Toksie Turbie, Auntie Shoe will provide something from one of her designs. Yes, you can purchase it, if you wish. Frankly, Auntie doesn’t mind if you do. Not one single bit.

So to please the Nag Monster:

Hiawatha I'm Home on Women's T-shirt, not Toksie Turbie

Nag Monster should shut up now. And Auntie loves her design. Makes her laugh. The pilgrim in the crow’s nest on the Mayflower landing on Plymouth Rock shouting, “HIAWATHA, I’M HOME!” always makes her laugh.

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