Just Testing

This is another test of the Auntie Shoe broadcasting system. We are attempting to ascertain whether or not one can actually create a proper blog post from one’s phone. Well, using it to post, anyway.

It is interesting to try this. Typing on a little teeeeeeeeeensy keyboard is quite the challenge. If it weren’t for autocorrect, I ┬ásure I would appear quite the fool.

Although, the absence of autocorrect has never protected Auntie from the appearance of foolishness.

Reading the post back to oneself is not an easy task. Scrolling back does not seem to be encouraged by this particular way of posting. That said, it can now be put forth that posting to one’s blog via phone is, indeed possible


Author: Auntie Shoe

Not much to say. Auntie Shoe is the graphics designer formerly known as AmeriYank, who has shops at print on demand sites all over the Internet.

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