YAY! Zazzle Has Fabric

Zazzle has introduced fabric to its large array of product choices. That means, you can purchase fabric to match your favorite items, if the designer has chosen to add it to the design you love. COOL BEANS. Cool petunias, too.

(Note: If your designer hasn’t added fabric to your just-gotta-have-it design, use the ASK THE DESIGNER link and leave them a message.)

That said, what choices to you have?

Well, Zazzle lists seven fabric choices:

1) combed cotton
2) puma cotton
3) cotton twill
4) polyester poplin
5) polyester weave
6) ivory linen
7) natural linen

Just so you can compare, here is one design in combed cotton:

And, here is what the same design looks like in natural linen:
Australia Shamrock Fabric
Australia Shamrock Fabric by shamrockflags
Browse Australia Ireland USA shamrock flag Fabrics online at Zazzle.com

The above are Auntie Shoe’s creations. She is working hard to get all her shamrocks up on fabric as fast as she can. Please have patience. If your favorite country isn’t up yet, please use the ASK THE DESIGNER link, or add a comment to this blog post.

That said, what does this mean to the print-on-demand world? Well, your virtual Auntie (that would be Shoe, er, me), thinks it is a wonderful addition to Zazzle’s products.

There is another POD that does fabric. That’s Spoonflower. What makes Zazzle so great for designers is Spoonflower makes the designer purchase a swatch for approval before the design is allowed to sold. That is not unreasonable, considering the amount of money lost if the design doesn’t print well and is returned. But, for designers running a business on a very frayed shoestring, those few dollars keep them from adding to their shop.

At Zazzle, we can add whatever we like at no cost to us. At Spoonflower, every design added means an outgo of cash. It is not expensive, unless you have 1000 designs. Then it is astronomically expensive and out of the question.

This is why consumers, that would most probably be you, the reader, will most likely find a larger choice of fabric designs at Zazzle.com/fabric.

Another advantage at Zazzle is the ability to customize your own fabric. For example, say you just LOVE the Australian shamrocks shown above. But you want to add a name to the fabric to make it personal and very special. At Zazzle, you can do it yourself, no worries. Just click the CUSTOMIZE IT button and do your thing, hunny.

But if all that techy stuff scares you, just use the ASK THE DESIGNER links and tell your designer what you want. See, you have to tell us because most of us are very unpsychic. We just can’t read minds. So, you gotta speak up!

AND….drumroll….For a limited time, and to introduce fabric, Zazzle is having a 15% off sale. Just add the PROMO Code INTRO2FABRIC , at checkout time. So, save a bit of money and get some custom-made fabric at the same time. How cool are those beans? The petunias are pretty cool, too.

Author: Auntie Shoe

Not much to say. Auntie Shoe is the graphics designer formerly known as AmeriYank, who has shops at print on demand sites all over the Internet.

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