German Shamrock Test Thingy

This is a test to see if Auntie Shoe can use some particular code correctly. So far, looking good for Auntie.

For the test, Auntie Shoe chose to use code found on Zazzle for those who have shops there. Auntie Shoe only has about a gazillion shops. The newest one with any large amount of designs is Shamrock Flags found at It is pretty much what you would expect, shamrocks with flags in each leaf. Makes it easy for Irish Americans, who have more heritages than just Irish and American, to celebrate themselves.

All the designs in this series feature the flag of Ireland in the top leaf and the USA flag on the left leaf. The right leaf changes, depending on the country used.

German Shamrock Watch for Kids

In our test case here, it is the German flag that fills the leaf on the right. The product shown is a wrist watch for kids. in this case, a sparkling silver one all glittery and stuff. It has green numbers that are easy to see and the German Shamrock tilts a bit to the right. Just for a bit of whimsical fun.

German Shamrock Wrist Watch
German Shamrock Wrist Watch by shamrockflags
Look at more Watches online at Zazzle

Now, just because this is a test, is no reason for you not to rush off and take a closer look at this great gift for kids. Teach them about their heritages while you also teach them how to tell time. Remember the days when you said, “The big hand is on the …”

Bet you can laugh a lot about that now. But, WOW, was it serious business when you were 5! A lot has changed since then, with most clocks and watches being digital in nature.

But, now, your kids can do the same until they learn to actually tell time without a digital device.

Author: Auntie Shoe

Not much to say. Auntie Shoe is the graphics designer formerly known as AmeriYank, who has shops at print on demand sites all over the Internet.

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