INKtastic Shops Belonging to Auntie Shoe

Here is a list, with descriptions, of my INKtastic shops.

Teddy bear from Auntie Shoes INKtastic shops.
Teddy Bear with Ghandi Quote reads, “There is more to life than increasing it’s speed.”

Flags I have drawn myself for several countries, used in a variety of designs on merchandise from Auntie Shoe’s INKtastic shops.
Images on products from INKtastic with a spiritual or inspirational nature. Some religious stuff, too.
Designs of interest for Democrats, progressives and liberals on stuff from INKtastic. For the politically blue.
Designs to make you laugh on more stuff from INKtastic shops. Because funny is where it is at.
Awards for everyone in the family on items from INKtastic. Stuff for mom, dad, lovers, husband, wife, kids, grandma and grandpa, too.
Flag used were not drawn by me, but came from CDs I have purchased for this use. Products from INKtastic.
Designs with things you love to hate on INKtastic merchandise. Hate shrimp? Hate veggies?
For the Liverpudlian or Scouser on INKtastic products. Homesick for Liverpool?

Auntie Shoe loves INKtastic products. There is a wide variety of items for babies, kids, toddlers and infants. In addition, they offer the CUTEST stuffed animals you ever did see. Great selection of t-shirts for men, women, youth and juniors, too.

INKtastic is a great success story. A family owned, mom-and-pop Internet business. Started in the home, and now in their own office / manufacturing space. Truly a product of the new economy.

Auntie Shoe loves their products. Stuffed animals to DIE for, they are soooooooo cute. Some for Halloween. Others appropriate for Easter and all make wonderful gifts for your special gal on Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas or any special time.

Their bibs for adults are a crack-up. But really, some of us do really need them…don’t look at me like that. Rally towels and golf towels for your sports enthusiasts, too.

INKtastic has lots of stuff no one else has, and all the good stuff you want to find wherever you shop.

Again, I LOVE INKTASTIC! What’s not to love?

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