Spreadshirt Shops by Auntie Shoe

Here is a list of Auntie Shoe’s Spreadshirt Shops


The Gay Pride Rainbow flag in designs on products available at Spreadshirt.
Gay Pride love at Auntie Shoe's Spreadshirt shopsGay Pride Heart at Auntie Shoe's Spreadshirt shosp

The Italian flag in designs on products available at Spreadshirt.

Tee shirt italian parts Auntie Shoe's Spreadshirt shopsTee shirt Italian shamrock from Auntie Shoe

Spreadshirt is a print-on-demand (POD) online web business. It mostly offers T-shirts for children, babies, men, women and kids. There are some buttons and mugs, a few phone cases and items for pets. There are two types of printing, one that only does 3-color printing, the other does all colors. Because Auntie Shoe does so many designs using flags, the three color limitations means she chooses the digital printing process.

Currently, Auntie Shoe has a few shops at Spreadshirt. One for Italian Flag Gear, the other for Gay Pride Flag Gear, and a newer endeavor called, Aland Islands Flag Gear.

It is pretty self-explanatory, Italian Flag Gear uses the flag of Italy in designs, Gay Pride Flag Gear using the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag, and Aland Islands Flag Gear has stuff using the Alander flag.

Because Spreadshirt is (for the designer) a little more time consuming to use, it takes Auntie Shoe a bit longer to add designs. If you want something you do not see, or would like a particular design for your ethnic country, add a comment here, and Auntie will see what she can do about it.

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