Auntie Shoe’s Twitter

Your Auntie Shoe has many Twitter account. Unlike Pinterest, where followers can choose boards that interest them, Twitter forces followers to receive everything from followed accounts. Even the stuff that does not interest them.

Since my designs have many niches, it forces many Twitter accounts. People interested in Auntie’s Italian images do not want to see all the postings about Greece, and vice versa. So, while Auntie’s main account will always be available, so will several smaller ones.

That way, people can follow me on Twitter and get the content they want without bothering with things that they do not wish to have.

The same holds true of TV and movies for which Auntie may design. Fans of General Hospital may not like seeing stuff for Divergent, again, and vice-versa.

Here are some of Auntie Shoe’s Twitter accounts:


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