Toksie’s First Christmas

“WOW”, thought Toksie Turbie as she put away the last of her Christmas presents, “Christmas is very cool thing!” This had been eight-year-old Toksie’s very first Christmas experience and it happened at the North Pole. Santa himself gave Toksie the … Continue reading

Toksie Turbie and Dinner with Santa

Toksie Find Out About Christmas Toksie Turbie was told that every year there is a special dinner with Santa for all the people in circus and the elves. Each year it changes, just for fun. Sometimes, it is a big, … Continue reading

Toksie Turbie Visits the North Pole

Toksie Turbie Joins the Circus and the Circus Entertains Elves Morty was quick to find a place for Toksie to sleep in the circus. She had her own room in one of the trailers. It was not beige. It was … Continue reading

Toksie Turbie — the Early Years

In Which We Learn About the Earliest Years of Toksie Turbie Sheriff Stephanie, Farmer Frank and Mayor Mike stood over the beige sofa where Toksie Turbie lay in the beige house. They pondered and discussed what to do with the … Continue reading

Toksie Turbie Arrives in Crudville

Toksie Turbie Takes a Fall Ms. Toksie Turbie arrived in Crudville in a most unusual fashion. Having fallen from an airplane, she landed, safely and miraculously, on a very large and very convenient hay stack on Farmer Frank’s farm. Farmer … Continue reading